Our promise to your safety

Anti covid-19


Considering the year just passed, between closures and restrictions, having the good fortune of living in Salento, we can guarantee you that the Masseria Pagani is the ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday to get rid of the accumulated stress.
In contact with nature or lying by the Saltwater Pool, breathing in the scent of salt water on the beach, enjoying food with a unique flavor for the quality of the raw material, participating in a yoga class outdoors, in the cool of the pines or simply enjoying of the beauty of the space that surrounds us.

In our small “oasis Masseria” we can guarantee you, at the time of Covid, a stay in total safety, putting in place all the necessary precautions to guarantee it and training all the staff. In addition, the entrances to the rooms and suites are independent, everyone can enjoy an outdoor space and each accommodation is equipped with a personal clothesline.

Guaranteeing the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness to our guests and to the people who work with us is a value that we have always cherished and fits perfectly with the safety protocols.



We sanitize the rooms after each checkout with products approved by recent regulationsSanitize pillows and all furnishing accessories (armchairs, curtains, etc.) with a machine that delivers high-temperature steam and alcohol-based disinfectant. In the rooms, the use of stoneware coverings guarantees absolute hygiene of the non-porous surfaces, the plastered walls guarantee easier cleaning.The use of sanitizing products also takes place during the stay for the daily rearrangement. 


All spaces are regularly sanitized (reception, relaxation areas, door handles, toilets, pool beds, etc.) and sanitizing gel dispensers will be available to guests and staff.


The filters of the air conditioners are frequently sanitized, in the rooms they are sanitized after each checkout.


The certification will be provided by the company in charge of washing the linen.


It will be possible to check-in online before your arrival.


We must give up hugs and handshakes always respecting the distance, avoiding gatherings, distancing the tables during breakfast and convivial events. With the wish to return to normal life as soon as possible.


Sanitizing gel and masks are available to our guests in every area of the structure.


For individual protection and to protect you guests, our staff is equipped with the protective equipment required by law: masks and gloves. We will monitor the application of safety procedures for guests and staff. The structure can be accessed after checking the temperature with a thermo-scanner.

In case of flu symptoms, cough or fever, it will be necessary to stay in the room and contact us by phone to offer you appropriate assistance. Should it be a case of covid, we will activate the procedures provided. We all have the responsibility to cover the mouth and nose, in case of coughing, sneezing. Anyone suffering from allergic rhinitis or simple colds is invited to wear the mask even outdoors.

You must wear masks indoors and outdoors when interpersonal distancing cannot be observed.


All the proposed outdoor activities, gastronomic or cultural tours, trekking, and so on, follow and respect the requirements in terms of distance and safety.


The activities that take place inside the farm will take place as much as possible in the large green spaces and the number of participants will be limited to ensure safety distances.

In recent years the experience acquired in terms of quality at the Masseria Pagani has been enriched with new details.